Who we are.

We are CDi Blumen – Fiori. Our core business involves export of flowers and plants from the Netherlands to Austria and Italy.

In 1999, our business was founded in Austria. Back then, it was still appropriately called “Aanhane Austria”. Quit logically, we mainly focused on the Austrian market. After a while, we expanded by acquiring a number of customers in Northern Italy. In 2012, we changed our name to CDi Blumen – Fiori in order to reflect our focus on both the Austrian and Italian market.

The lorry pictured above drives to Austria and Italy on a weekly basis. The journey’s staring point is Royal Flora Holland in the Dutch town of Rijnsburg. Here, we purchase our goods during the daily auctions of fresh flowers and plants that take place here.

Recently, we have expanded our services by improving our website. With the addition of a webshop, an online order platform that gives you access to a very large range of products, and an external shop for decorative products, our product line is now available 24/7.

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